How Artist Visa Mentor works

An O1 Visa requires three main things

Helping you prepare the evidence that you are extraordinary

This website will focus on putting together evidence of accomplishments in the arts. We have a public resource page with detailed information about the elements of the O1 visa to help artists and designers determine if they are prominent enough to apply for this visa.


Fee-based service

Get an opinion from an attorney with over 20 years of experience

We also have created a fee-based service if artists and designers want to get a legal opinion about whether their record of accomplishments in the arts will most likely qualify them for the O1 visa. Note that if an artist does now have the credentials to apply they will still need a petitioner and contracts for assignments to complete the process.

Our program will help you organize your evidence

Organize your evidence in an easy and straightforward way

We have created a software program that will ask artists questions and give them instructions to upload evidence about their career. A section of the program will focus on who can write recommendation letters for the artists and what the letters might say. At the end of the program the applicant will generate a portfolio of material about their career as a PDF.


Archive your documents

Submit your case to our attorney or take it to yours

The PDF is for the artist to keep. They can submit this portfolio to Eric Shaub for his opinion as to whether they qualify for the O1 visa. Or they can take that PDF to another attorney, or they can use the PDF for their own purposes.

The PDF is an essential block of evidence to show that an artist qualifies for the O1 visa based upon being extraordinary.


Potential O1 applicants

Potential O1 applicants who want to see if they most likely possess the credentials to qualify for the O1 visa.

Current O1 Applicants

Applicants who have already determined that they will apply for O1 and want to use the program to prepare the evidence of their career to present to Eric, or to another attorney, or to otherwise use for their own purposes.

International Students

Students can organize their materials and get advice from Eric Shaub to help them qualify for the O1 in the future.


Applicants start with the program, which will ask them a series of questions and will ask them to upload evidence about their career. When applicants finish the program their material becomes organized in a single pdf. The artist can take the pdf for their own purposes, or to show another attorney, or they can submit that PDF to Eric Shaub for an evaluation of their credentials. If they elect to be mentored then they can either have a written evaluation from Eric Shaub or written evaluations plus a skype meeting with Eric. Whichever option the artist chooses they are free to keep the PDF that has organized the evidence of their career.