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Why should I use this service?
There are very few options for artists and designers to get visas to work in the US. These days the H1B visa category is very troubled and the odds are against an applicant who has a job offer and even holds a US Masters Degree. The quotas for the H1B category will most likely result in negative results for most applicants for the near future.

On the other hand, there are no quotas for O1 visa applications. The USCIS is aware that most applicants do not qualify for an O1 because they do not have the appropriate credentials and hence there is no need for a quota. So it is important to make a decision about whether an artist might qualify. This website will be instrumental in informing artists and designers if they may qualify and will help them build out the evidence section of their applications.
Why should I care about Eric Shaub’s opinion?
Eric Shaub has more than 20 years of experience working with the O1 visa on several thousand cases. Every artist is an individual but Eric’s experience in evaluating credentials will give a potential applicant a very realistic assessment of their credentials for a very modest fee before they hire Eric or any other attorney and spend more money on an application.

If an applicant chooses to use our service to take their materials to another attorney that attorney will be very happy to review materials that are very clearly organized and presented. If the applicant decides to put an O1 visa together the program will save many hours for the applicant so that they can prepare the application faster but in an organized and professional way.
Why is the pdf that is generated at the end of the program important?
Artists have complained for many years how hard it is to organize their credentials for an O1 application and this program will take them step-by-step and question by question to help them build out their credentials in a strong and organized way.

We have spent years working on a system of organizing evidence that complies with the O1 visa regulations. The presentation of the evidence in a certain way can prevent confusion by an Immigration Officer, which could cause delays or denials. We are prepared to share this system with anyone who uses our service. It is our hope that many more artists will qualify for the O1 visa by organizing the evidence in this way.

The pdf will also help identify what the artist should work on to improve their credentials and chances. It may be that the artist needs only a few additional accomplishments and the pdf will help the artist focus on what they need to work on to have a better chance of success in the near future.
If I choose the platinum option can the fee I pay be credited toward an attorney fee with Eric Shaub?
Yes, although you do not have an obligation to hire Eric Shaub after you have used this service, if you and Eric come to an agreement that you would like Eric Shaub to represent you then he will discount the attorney fee for that representation by $200.
After completing the software program and generating the PDF am I ready to send my case to Immigration?
No. There are other elements of an application that an artist will still need before they can send their applications to USCIS. They will need a petitioner and they will need evidence of what they will be doing over the term of the visa. In addition the software program will not write recommendation letters for the artist. The artist will still need to speak to experts to help them with recommendation letters. It should be noted that the program will be helpful in determining which experts to approach and to have an idea of what those experts can focus on in their letters.

We believe, however, that our software program will be very instrumental in saving time in putting files together in a very favorable way for all artists.
A large company with their own law firm will most likely file my application. Would this program help me?
Yes many large immigration law firms and companies work on O1 visas but they do not have the resources to help designers put together their evidence in the most favorable way. This website can be used by any artist or designer to help them prepare documents to show to other law firms and companies to speed up the process and to prepare the evidence in a very organized and favorable way.
If I am living overseas and do not have an employer in the US will this program be helpful to me?
Yes the first thing a foreign artist needs to think about is whether they qualify for the visa and this website will give them a very good indication of whether they qualify.

The mentoring program can assist them in qualifying in the future if it is determined that they do not qualify yet.

The United States is the world’s largest economy and there are substantial opportunities in the arts in the US. At the same time the possibilities for getting a visa have been decreasing. This program can help artists and designers start on a path to a new life.
I would like to have more of an overview of the entire O1 process before I start. What should I do?
Eric Shaub’s website artistvisa.com has information about the entire O1 process. You can also choose to watch the free videos that accompany our resources pages to get further details.
What will the impact of the new administration be on visas and the O1 visa process?
The H1B visa may be subject to severe limitations or possible cancellation. Smart applicants may want to hedge their bets by thinking about an O1 visa application.

Right now it is too early to say for sure what will happen with the new administration. There should be an assumption that things will get stricter then they have been in the past so all applications should be put together in the right way so that they satisfy the regulations. The paid section of this website is designed to help applicants put together their files in the way that is required by the O1 Visa regulations. It is a systematic approach to a complicated problem. The service will take the applicant step by step toward organizing their evidence in a strong way.
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