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Mission statement

Ten years ago Eric Shaub launched artistvisa.com On this website he wanted to publicly disclose as much information as possible about the artist visa. His idea was that if artists had all of the information about the visa category that they would be more likely to self evaluate about their chances for the visa, but more importantly they could be informed of all of the steps that were required to receive the O1 visa.

In the current political climate the artist visa category is more essential than it has ever been. Eric has created artist visa mentor to take his original idea further. He will advise artists to help them qualify for the artist visa. While the original artistvisa.com website was prepared for prominent artists to provide them with the information about the required steps to obtain an O1 visa, the new website artist visa mentor will offer advice to help artists qualify for the visa. Eric has determined that too often in the past artists have regretted not having information earlier as they could have made better decisions that would have improved their chances of getting the visa when they were ready to apply.

The public resources page of the site has extensive written and video material that should be of value to anyone who is thinking about applying for the visa.

This site also has a paid component. For a small fee the artist will have access to a program that will ask the artist questions and will ask the artist to upload evidence of their career. When the artist finishes the program they will have prepared the evidence that will serve as the basis of their artist visa application. To actually apply there will be more to do. The artist will need to obtain letters of recommendation but the program will organize their credentials to help facilitate these letters. The artist will still need to find a petitioner and confirmed events to be able to actually submit the application to USCIS. On the other hand, this program will tremendously speed up the process of building out the artists credentials. Whether you take the file to another attorney or submit to Eric Shaub for his review the attorney will have comprehensive materials to offer a true evaluation of the artist’s chances for the visa right now. This is a much more detailed process then evaluating a person’s credentials based upon their cv.

The paid component will also allow Eric to review an artist’s credentials and offer concrete advice to help artists improve their chances to qualify for the visa. For an additional fee the artist also has the option of setting up a skype call with Eric. The fee based component of this website is designed to offer a great benefit for a small fee. Artists can see if they have a good chance of qualifying for the visa. If they do qualify then the program will help them organize their material. If they do not yet qualify then Eric or another attorney will have detailed materials so that they can offer advice to the artist so that they can qualify soon.

How it works


Potential O1 applicants who want to see if they most likely possess the credentials to qualify for the O1 visa.


Applicants who have already determined that they will apply for O1 and want to use the program to prepare the evidence of their career to present to Eric, or to another attorney, or to otherwise use for their own purposes.


While students may have immigration status for a number of years and may qualify for employment authorization after graduation they still face a long-term problem of obtaining a work visa. A mentoring relationship with Eric can provide Students with an opportunity to recognize what they need to work on to qualify for an O1 visa in the future.

We are designers and we both went through the O1 process with Eric. He carefully evaluated our evidence and made key suggestions that led to the approval of both of our cases. He was easy to work with and super friendly. He made a complicated process very straight forward and it was a pleasure to work with him.


I am a designer and Eric Shaub was able to get my O1 application approved. My case was pretty complicated. Eric knew exactly what to do. He has a lot of experience and he made sure that we organized what we needed to succeed. He is a nice guy, very professional and thorough.

SHAHROUZ VARSHABI Founder & CEO at Designity